Western Australian Sustainability Prize

Supported By: 
Water Corporation of WA

The solution that helps to sustainably manage the water services of Western Australian to make the State a great place to live and invest in.


Eligibility Criteria

Use of relevant dataset available through the Western Australian Government's data portal (data.wa.gov.au)

Anaconda Don't

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Anaconda Don't

​​​​​​​The Water Corporation is the principal supplier of drinking water to the Perth metropolitan area as well as the rest of Western Australia. For some of these towns, the water is supplied through a vast network of above ground pipes. These pipes require regular inspections and maintenance to make sure that the precious cargo it is carrying isn’t leaking out and wasted.


Point Break - Crowdsourcing Beach Intelligence | On Demand Spatial Awareness

Team Name: 
Point Break

Crowdsourcing beach intelligence to encourage participation of recreational activities and utilisation of our coastal areas with real time spatial awareness.

## Our aims:

* Tackle beach safety with a solution that fits into peoples current habits (not just a shark spotting app).
* Encourage activity and engagement around beaches and beach communities.
* Drives collaboration and sharing of local knowledge.
* Feed useful data back into industry/government.

## Problem Statement

Project Trident

Team Name: 

Project Trident uses a multi-pronged approach (incorporating both hardware and software solutions) that aims to:

  • improve water time safety

  • inform beachgoers of the risks associated with marine activities

  • decreases the need to engage in shark control programs such as drum lines

E-Map: Spatio-temporal modelling of traffic and emissions

Spatio-temporal modelling, prediction, analysis, new knowledge, data checking and geovisulisation system
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We have combined traffic volume data with NASA satellite data to predict traffic-induced emissions across the Perth Metro region.

First, we use the traffic data from the Main Roads WA data on 988 road sections in the Perth Metro region. From this, we can see the traffic volume, speed, and type, such as freight or private vehicle. Then, we use modelling to predict the volume and speed of traffic on the rest of the roads in the Perth metro region: over 10,000 road segments in total.