The Northern Agricultural Region Prize

Supported By: 
Northern Agricultural Catchments Council

The solution which encourages a healthy, diverse, vibrant and productive land, water and sea-scape of the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) of Western Australia.

Eligibility Criteria

Use of relevant dataset available through the Western Australian Government's data portal (

Violet Pipe Dreams

Team Name: 
Violet Pipe Dreams

The projest is going to combine Water Corporation data on waste water processing and storage, and add in rainfall, climate and geo-located useage patterns to maximise the efficiency and reuse of prcious ecologial resources to promote sustainability.

We are taking views on the water corporations capacity to save energy in processing waste water, linking capacity to possible future usage.

AU Dashboard

Team Name: 
Baby Got Hack!

Your Local Dashboard is an online platform that takes real time data from an array of sources and brings it to together in a simple and easy to use format.

Simply select your local government area and the dashboard populates with the relevant data.

Would you like to know how much your local council has spent on Education and welfare, or how effective the use of this money has been? The information is now at your fingertips.