De Identification

Supported By: 
Victorian Government - Dept Justice and Regulation and the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection

How might we find ways of unlocking value in data without compromising privacy? The Victorian Government recognises the benefits from enabling public access to government data, but not all data is suitable for release. For example, government agencies such as Births, Deaths and Marraiges Victoria (BDM) hold a wealth of data that is extremely valuable, but also extremely private. This challenge is about finding new ways to unlock some of that value without exposing sensitive personal information. One way that this might be done is through de-identification - the release of a modified dataset stripped of any identifying information. But de-identification is hard, and always carries a risk that the data can be combined with other public information sources to re-identify the underlying individuals. Another approach might be to design a system that lets people explore or visualise the data in such a way that information about individuals can never be accessed. Maybe you can think of other approaches. BDM has provided a set of 'dummy data' for you to play with. We want you to come up with innovative new ways for BDM to open up their data to the public without compromising Victorians' privacy.


Eligibility Criteria

Nominate the Theme in the entry is competing in. Use at least two data sets (at least one must be Victoria government data with a strong preference for multipliable Victorian government datasets from different departments and agencies.) Other openly licensed data may be used.


Team Name: 
The Cooks

Real2Fake is a webapp, that allows government departments to wash their data of all identifiable information.

It does this by combinding the private information with a randomly generated salt, then transforming it into a hash, the hash is then used as a seed to generate a new fake identity for the record. This means that when looking at the data, the user can put a name and face to the data.

This easy process of washing the private information removes the excuse that the data is private, allowing all government departments to securely release all of their big data.

Informed Personas

Team Name: 
the Informed Personas

Informed Personas
A persona generator for UX developers using open government datasets to make them informed.

  • Problem: Generating Personas for UX Dev work is hard and often subjective/biased.
  • Solution: Generating Personas for UV Dev's using informed data.
  • Opportunity: Generating Personas for UX Dev's is now easier, objective/unbiased and informed.


Team Name: 
Team Zr0


Government agencies such as Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria have extremely valuable but sensitive data. Our goal was to find a way to explore this data without compromising one's privacy.