Supporting SA Economy

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Department of State Development

The best entry that supports new and growth industries. The winning entry has the most potential to create jobs, investment, international business, students to study in SA or visitors to SA.

Eligibility Criteria

Must use South Australian data discoverable on


Team Name: 
Unleashed Unknown

Mixing and Matching Toxic Wastes - Using various toxic wastes from multiple sources (unrelated firms) in various combinations to neutralize them and maybe generate useful products.


Team Name: 
Ideation Generation

Wine Industry National Explorer

Grape growing and wine production are key elements of the Australian economy.


Team Name: 
Torange Juice

Greenu is an interactive poster series that enables people from all ages to learn about public gardens, in a fun and active way.


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QRester is a website designed to educate all ages about the histroical buildings and locations all around South Australia. Users of QRester visit the locations shown on the map and scan corresponding QR codes there to learn more about the history of the place. Printing, sharing and direction to locations functionalities are also apparent, along with a sleek interface, making it user friendly.