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Child Tracker

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Kid Tracker 


The Problem

•       Parents get paranoid when their children do not reach home on time, find out their children are not where they should be…Imagine the stress especially where both parents are working and they discover that their kid is missing or hasn’t reached school or home in time. Also common are the cases of kids getting lost in public places even when parents are around.


The Solution

Adelaide Smart City 2020

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Adelaide is identified by Cisco as Australia’s, and the Southern Hemisphere’s, first Lighthouse City.

A smart city is one that uses technology to transform its infrastructure and make better use of energy, resources and services.

Will I Burn?

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Red Hot



If you live in or take a (long) holiday in an area, what are your chances of being in a bushfire?

This hack uses past bushfire and backburning data combined with the fantastic Goyder Institute climate change prediction models to generate a prediction of overall fire risk for specific areas. 

Initial Findings...

Hup Adelaide

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Hup Adelaide

Hup Adelaide's web-based tool helps families in stress identify the services they need and manage appointments for every member of the family. The tool uses SA and Commonwealth government data sets about the services families most need linked to the common sources of stress - low incomes, housing, health, education and relationships issues.


Smart Travel

Hippo Creative
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Hippo Club

Traffic become a serious issues in our daily life, there are over 16,000 road crash in past year and the share road is getting more difficulty with driver, cyclist and pedestrian. 

We developed this app to:     

  • Keep road safe for public    
  • Reduce the road accidents    
  • Encourage people Cycling to work    
  • Encourage people choose most suitable transportation way    
  • The powerful tools to help public select the smartest routes  


The datasets we used (and refered):  

Local datasets (South Australia)