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Awarded by the location sponsors to the best entry for the location.

Traffic Jam

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Traffic Jam


**Project Description**


*A Crowd-Based game solution for better traffic light management.*


Gaming develops strong problem-solving skills, and there is a strong evidence base that explains why crowds of humans independently working on a problem will achieve better results than a computer-based algorithm can achieve, using intuition rather than brute force.

R U Open

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Team Name: 
Bob's gang

Why R U Open

Our aim is to help a user find food and entertainment services in the immediate vicinity. The heart of the service is an Augmented Reality (AR) app which would use business and dining permits datasets (we have used Outdoor dining permits - Adelaide City Council found at for proof-of-concept) to determine which business locations are open at the time the app is being used in the user's immediate vicinity.

Help Me

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Team Name: 
Bob's gang

Help Me is an Well Being On Demand Application that connects vulnerable people with crisis support and services for emotional wellbeing

Help me is a tool that equipping everyone in Australia with the support and skills to protect their emotional wellbeing health

It is an on demand emotional wellbeing tool that uses technology to anonymously and securely connects real people to real professionally qualified listeners for chat.

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Boomtown Hacks
Team Name: 
Boomtown Hacks

Team Boomtown Hacks is a ad-hoc team made up of some friends from around Adelaide. The team constsis of 4 people:

Jordan King - Developer and a smooth video voice.

Sam Trezise - Graphic Designer, held the ship together.

Haydn Dyer - The UI guy, the only one who has used Angular before...

James Mackay - The data guru, actually spend hours working out the parking data!!

The Application