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Adelography - The Story of Adelaide

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Bob's gang

ADELography is a temporal and spatial interactive story telling tool. Historical datasets help tell the story of Adelaide and South Australia from the beginning of recorded history. We step through time learning about the key events of South Australia, and see the migration of people around the surrounding area of Adelaide.

Through this interactive experience, new and existing residents can gain a deeper historical understanding of our city and thereby strengthen their sense of community and belonging.

What are you afraid of?

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Media coverage of events such as terrorist attacks or shark attacks unnecessarily inflates fear and uncertainty in our community.

We aimed to use government data and other online sources to document the probabilities of different types of risks, 
to show that we don't need to be afraid of these events, and to promote the reality that Australians actually live in a safe community.
At the same time, we also like to bring awareness of risks due to factors such as health issues, many of which are things we can proactively prevent by having a healthier lifestyle.

Smart Asset Management

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Yup Yup Labs

This project uses machine learning, big data, 3D mapping and satellite imagery to provide an asset management system to spot infrastructure defects early, help decision makers make better decisions about what materials and vegetation should be installed and provides real-time information about pricing through an open procurement process.


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Yup Yup Labs

Developr helps ordinary people become awesome property developers! It's like having your own personal planning consultant in your pocket.