Make your Hack-a-Thing

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Little Tokyo Two

Hack most likely to have commercialisation possibilities as a startup.


Eligibility Criteria

Have technical expertise and drive and willingness to create a company.


Jobs And Growth
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Combining a bunch of data on national employment vacancies, training outcomes and opportunities, regional business and innovation to show job seekers, employers and young people unsure of their career path as well as employment agencies and policy makers what the world of jobs and growth in Australia looks like.  A tool to help find the role that is right for you in an industry that is full of growth and info on how to bridge any skills gaps. Ambitious but super useful!


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Explore and download resources from global CKANs (using node and an elctron app). Data sets are easy to retrieve and review with descriptions of content. The organization, accessibility and descriptions make the open data sets easier to utilize and navigate in a much shorter time frame. Great accessibility! 


Team Name: 
Top Kek

Qschools is an interactive mobile and web application that delivers a rich source of information to people seeking it.  It uses a material design styled theme to help convey the data.  An innovative and unique feature is the NLP (Natural Language Processing) search engine.  It allows users to run natural language queries such as "What is a school near the Brisbane City that excels in reading?".  This removes the need for complicated and convoluted search boxes and menus.

Clean My City

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- Idea is to tag the waste and area affected by pollution.

- Officials can get real time information and work on it.

- Information given to the user and central team on the staus garbage being picked up and transfer to its location.

- Color coding to the areas which are still affected or need work.