Linking Logan - Getting people out of their cars

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Logan City Council

Best hack that helps Logan residents to get around. Your hack could help identify gaps in the public transport network or allow residents to compare travel times for the transport modes available to them. As long as your hack looks to address transportation and mobility challenges in Logan, you are limited only by your imagination and your data hacking skills.

Ideas: Transit information combined with ABS data and Go-Card transaction records could be used to determine how long a journey would take using public transport, and encourage public transport use by showing the number of people who already use it to make that journey. Bicycle network, traffic, and public transport data could be used to compare modal travel times.


Eligibility Criteria

Must make use of at least one open dataset from Logan’s Open Data Portal:

Discover your city

Team Name: 
Crafty Hackers

The idea was to develop a mobile app to assist in discovering the hidden gems within a local council or city area.

Much like how the new Pokemon GO game has stops that you can check in at that correlate to real life places, the Discovery Your City app would include historically and culturally significant locations within the the specified area. Additionally, it would have provision for residents to submit their own hidden gems to be added to the program, such as great restaurants or social gathering places.

Mycity in Virtual Reality

Team Name: 
Team Gold Coast

My City in Virtual Reality

Why do we need Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is becoming popular day by day. Using this technology, users can feel the virtual experience of the places. The Gold Coast is hosting the Commonwealth 2018 Games. The Gold Coast is going to attract more visitors from all over the world for this event.

How does the Virtual Reality app work?

Your Local Opinion

Your Local Opinion Logo
Team Name: 
Opportunity Farmers


Your Local Opinion lets members of the community review and comment on public assets in the community, providing knowledge to others about the different levels of cleanliness, family friendliness, etc. of the asset.

Why we chose this:

Time Walks

Team Name: 

Time Walks is a mobile first application making a trip down memory lane easy, enjoyable and interactive. Time Walks couples the accessibility provided by mobile phones and the power of Google Maps and knowledge of local cultural landmarks and conveniences from QLD Cultural and Heritage register, as well as Trove National Library of Australia.

There is living history all around us. Our rich cultural, social, and economic heritage can be found down our streets, in our parks and public spaces, in buildings, art and monuments.


walkED - Discover Nature on the Go
Team Name: 

walkED is a route planning educational guide to the natural wonders in your own backyard. Using mobile first technology, educational and conservation information from national biodiversity data sets, including the 50 million individual records within Australian Living Atlas to tell you about the species, habitat and recent sightings in your local area.