Engaging with Brisbane City Council

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Brisbane City Council

Awarded to the best entry that improves Brisbane City Council service delivery. Brisbane City Council provide such a wide range of servies to to a very wide range of customers. Sometimes finding what you need, knowing who to contact, and letting the right people know can be hard. How can Brisbane City Council and the residents, visitors, businesses and everyone engage and connect more effectively? Data must be at the heart of the concept.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least one open government dataset from http://data.brisbane.qld.gov.au. Must be a participant at either the Brisbane Official Event, Brisbane Maker Node, or Brisbane Youth Node.


Your only mate that can guess your coordinates.
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EvacuMate is a friendly Facebook messenger bot, built on a platform that changes how we think about managing natural disasters

Bringing Data to the Table

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This project is about putting data in the every day objects we interact with so the public can learn and discover about their community without having to look for it. We have focused on furniture for a school setting that displays data about sociology and wildlife to encourage children to observe their daily surroundings and notice the things that are around them.




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InnovationX is a place to discover the different types of innovation that is happening around us. People are able to see where startup ecosystems are growing; what kind of problems people are solving and the different technologies they are working with; identify gaps and opportunities of the areas, skillsets and technologies that are needed.

InnovationX is 'Connecting Innovation'.

Our goals

Time Walks

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Time Walks is a mobile first application making a trip down memory lane easy, enjoyable and interactive. Time Walks couples the accessibility provided by mobile phones and the power of Google Maps and knowledge of local cultural landmarks and conveniences from QLD Cultural and Heritage register, as well as Trove National Library of Australia.

There is living history all around us. Our rich cultural, social, and economic heritage can be found down our streets, in our parks and public spaces, in buildings, art and monuments.