Best Innovative Use of Data Sets

Supported By: 
The University of Queensland - School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Best innovative use of open government data sets.


Eligibility Criteria

Must be a participants at one of the Brisbane events (Offical, Maker, Youth).


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HubGap is for innovative Australians who are interested in tracking the changes in innovation within Australia or their State or Territory. The innovation search tool gathers data from multiple data sets to provide information about patents, funding expenditure/opportunities, industry employment, Digital Champions and start up events and activities throughout Australia. The website provides the client with key information relating to their industry and location via the search or optional social media feeds.

Mycity in Virtual Reality

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Team Gold Coast

My City in Virtual Reality

Why do we need Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is becoming popular day by day. Using this technology, users can feel the virtual experience of the places. The Gold Coast is hosting the Commonwealth 2018 Games. The Gold Coast is going to attract more visitors from all over the world for this event.

How does the Virtual Reality app work?


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Project Description

Starting a new restaurant is hard - there are so many things to consider:

  • Where do you get the best staff?
  • Have you organised appropriate insurance?
  • Is the menu going to be a hit?

But thankfully, choosing where to situate your new business just got easier with PedEstimate.


Your only mate that can guess your coordinates.
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EvacuMate is a friendly Facebook messenger bot, built on a platform that changes how we think about managing natural disasters