Best Brisbane/Queensland-Oriented Business Related Application

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The University of Queensland - Business School

Governments everywhere provide services and information for and about businesses. This category is about exploring new and interesting ways to support businesses in and around Brisbane/Queensland. Awarded to the best entrant from either the Brisbane Official Event, Brisbane Maker Node, or Brisbane Youth Node.


Eligibility Criteria

Be a participants at one of the Brisbane events (Offical, Maker, Youth). Use data from the Brisbane/Queensland Data portals.


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Project Description

Starting a new restaurant is hard - there are so many things to consider:

  • Where do you get the best staff?
  • Have you organised appropriate insurance?
  • Is the menu going to be a hit?

But thankfully, choosing where to situate your new business just got easier with PedEstimate.

Cheap Rent Fast Net

Cheap Rent Fast Internet
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Cheap Rent Fast Net

The Project was to create a service which would match up the best internet with the best location. The service would help people and companies make better decisions on where they want to live and where they could invest in the future.

Startup Helper

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It was estimated that 13.1% of the Australian adult population from (18–64) were actively engaged in starting and running new businesses in 2014. This equates to 2.3 million early-stage entrepreneurs. With this Total Entrepreneurial activity Australia is amongst the highest of all developed countries.


Jobs And Growth
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Combining a bunch of data on national employment vacancies, training outcomes and opportunities, regional business and innovation to show job seekers, employers and young people unsure of their career path as well as employment agencies and policy makers what the world of jobs and growth in Australia looks like.  A tool to help find the role that is right for you in an industry that is full of growth and info on how to bridge any skills gaps. Ambitious but super useful!