An Active and Healthy Brisbane

Supported By: 
Brisbane City Council

There are many opportunities for residents and visitors of Brisbane to participate in active and healthy pursuits. How can Brisbane make better uses of these and increase the level of participation for all?

Ideas: Help uncover all the active and healthy events and facilities across Brisbane by making them easy to find, get to and participate in. Or create a game that awards points for participation in active and healthy pursuits and events encouraging competition against friends, locals or everyone across Brisbane.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least one open government dataset from Must be a participant at either the Brisbane Official Event, Brisbane Maker Node, or Brisbane Youth Node.

Time Walks

Team Name: 

Time Walks is a mobile first application making a trip down memory lane easy, enjoyable and interactive. Time Walks couples the accessibility provided by mobile phones and the power of Google Maps and knowledge of local cultural landmarks and conveniences from QLD Cultural and Heritage register, as well as Trove National Library of Australia.

There is living history all around us. Our rich cultural, social, and economic heritage can be found down our streets, in our parks and public spaces, in buildings, art and monuments.


walkED - Discover Nature on the Go
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walkED is a route planning educational guide to the natural wonders in your own backyard. Using mobile first technology, educational and conservation information from national biodiversity data sets, including the 50 million individual records within Australian Living Atlas to tell you about the species, habitat and recent sightings in your local area.