Advance Queensland!

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Queensland Government on behalf of Strategic Policy and Innovation, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation

The most innovative use of Advance Queensland data. Tell a story about the innovation movement in Queensland which is data rich, creative and visually appealing to engage, inspire a broad audience.

More information and selected datasets are available from and


Eligibility Criteria

You must use the Advance Queensland dataset provided for this challenge hosted on, but you are free to also use data from the official GovHack list or any other data sets as long as their licensing terms permit.


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HubGap is for innovative Australians who are interested in tracking the changes in innovation within Australia or their State or Territory. The innovation search tool gathers data from multiple data sets to provide information about patents, funding expenditure/opportunities, industry employment, Digital Champions and start up events and activities throughout Australia. The website provides the client with key information relating to their industry and location via the search or optional social media feeds.

Mycity in Virtual Reality

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Team Gold Coast

My City in Virtual Reality

Why do we need Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is becoming popular day by day. Using this technology, users can feel the virtual experience of the places. The Gold Coast is hosting the Commonwealth 2018 Games. The Gold Coast is going to attract more visitors from all over the world for this event.

How does the Virtual Reality app work?

Startup Helper

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It was estimated that 13.1% of the Australian adult population from (18–64) were actively engaged in starting and running new businesses in 2014. This equates to 2.3 million early-stage entrepreneurs. With this Total Entrepreneurial activity Australia is amongst the highest of all developed countries.


Jobs And Growth
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Combining a bunch of data on national employment vacancies, training outcomes and opportunities, regional business and innovation to show job seekers, employers and young people unsure of their career path as well as employment agencies and policy makers what the world of jobs and growth in Australia looks like.  A tool to help find the role that is right for you in an industry that is full of growth and info on how to bridge any skills gaps. Ambitious but super useful!