Smart Cities & Collaborative Economy

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Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Best Entry that supports us to create, share, collaborate and use information to create better cities.

Smart Cities enable individuals and communities to improve their lives and create a sustainable urban environment. Understanding human behaviour and the environment in your city may help you ideate in this space. What can we do smarter in our city? Energy usage , Climate controlled buildings , Public Transit, walking and bicycling, Emissions, Waste management, Private Vehicle usage, Demographic data, Event information,- Government services


Eligibility Criteria

Datasets from NSW Open Data portal and local council datasets

Lets renew the renewable energy!

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In this brief project we have highlighted some key insights for local government and agencies to make Parramatta a better place to live work and play. We have highlighted the fact that promotion and fostering of renewable energy at local level will help Parramatta to be a cool and prosperous city.


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Team AVataRR

generalised 3d visualisation tool

Predictive Policing

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In the 2012 film Minority Report, it shows a world where crimes are predicted before they occurred. This became the basis for our project for predictive policing with the intention of assisting police in fighting crime.

We utilised Coordinate level data for non-domestic assaults and robberies occurring in Sydney LGA in outdoor and public places to teach our predictive algorithm to learn from the historical data and to forecasts for the future.

Flash me!

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We spend a lot of time waiting for things. From public transport, to waiting for family or firends, or even using the bathroom. 

Wouldn't it be great to have the opportunity to learn about things that you didnt even know that you wanted to learn about.

We wanted an app that could utlise these small bits of time, and gain something, just a little more. Learn about sciences? Animals, what have you.


Enter Flashme!

A flashcard inspired app that focues on short attention learning (be it a spare 5 minutes, 10 minutes).