Student Droput Rates

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Dept of Education

What are the main characteristics associated with students dropping out of higher education, who is not completing, what are the trends since 2005 and have there been any dramatic changes? Provide as much detail as possible and present the results in an appropriate format that is easily accessible. In chasing this goal, you must: • identify what student characteristics have a higher impact on the dropout rate; • consider the dropout rate between the different fields of education.


Eligibility Criteria

use Department of Education and Training university attrition rate data and any other appropriate public data sources;

Mycity in Virtual Reality

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Team Gold Coast

My City in Virtual Reality

Why do we need Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is becoming popular day by day. Using this technology, users can feel the virtual experience of the places. The Gold Coast is hosting the Commonwealth 2018 Games. The Gold Coast is going to attract more visitors from all over the world for this event.

How does the Virtual Reality app work?


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Team AVataRR

generalised 3d visualisation tool

Endless Bureaucracy

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Endless Bureaucracy

To find out more about Endless Bureaucracy, watch the pitch video at: Pitch Video - Endless Bureaucracy​​​​​​​

Endless Bureaucracy is an Endless Sky mod. go to

To install Endless Bureaucracy on Windows, go to and download, extract it, then run EndlessSky.exe.

Mission: Attrition

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Not Just a Statistic

In Mission Attrition you play as a university lecturer trying to get as many of your students to pass your course as you can.  You are dealt a class of students with different factors that will influence their chances of success.  You have a limited amount of resources which you can assign to individual students to improve their chances of success.  You'll have to judge for yourself which factors are most likely to impact your students' chances and offset them accordingly.