International Prize: Storytelling Hack

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This category is about bringing life to data and helping people connect with the information that the data has revealed. Entries should seek to not only present data findings but to consider how you want people to respond to the data findings. A good story sets the scene for the character's and takes us through a plot in a way that engages people with values or emotions. Stories come in many forms including; art, film, books, journalism and sound. Some other popular ways of telling stories include comics, game development and digital video. What story is the data trying to tell you?


Eligibility Criteria

all Australian and New Zealand teams are eligible. Must use at least two Official GovHack Datasets. Open Government data must be used.


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InnovationX is a place to discover the different types of innovation that is happening around us. People are able to see where startup ecosystems are growing; what kind of problems people are solving and the different technologies they are working with; identify gaps and opportunities of the areas, skillsets and technologies that are needed.

InnovationX is 'Connecting Innovation'.

Our goals


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A google gear watch app that buzzes the user when they are near an area or location known to have a dangerous dog. Just pop it on the wrist.


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"Bringing Government Data to Life"

-Dash- displays a high quality and curated dashboard that tells the story of Government and Australian data across key topic areas such as Energy, Finance, Health and Social. Furthermore -Dash- makes government data inclusive by allowing non-coders to search across government portals to interact with and visualise government data. 

It is simple to use and can be embedded in the home page.

So why do we need -Dash-?


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The Pulse of the City is an interactive pusle map of social media trends to visualise a city’s heartbeat in real time.

The value proposition of our web application is that it can drive a city to thrive by highlighting the trends and events of the city.

Features include:
Real time trend list on the right pane - aggregating and generalising hashtag, geolocations, and analysed images.

List of the cities current events on the left hand side.

Images can be analysed for smiles to give sentiment rating to the events.


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As  parents of a grade 7 child, we wanted to educate them about illicit drugs. We wanted them to know  the names and effects drugs have on your body, and raise their awareness of what is out there in our community. We also wanted them to be able to recognise if anybody they knew was in trouble with drug abuse and where to get help if needed.