International Prize: Storytelling Hack

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This category is about bringing life to data and helping people connect with the information that the data has revealed. Entries should seek to not only present data findings but to consider how you want people to respond to the data findings. A good story sets the scene for the character's and takes us through a plot in a way that engages people with values or emotions. Stories come in many forms including; art, film, books, journalism and sound. Some other popular ways of telling stories include comics, game development and digital video. What story is the data trying to tell you?


Eligibility Criteria

all Australian and New Zealand teams are eligible. Must use at least two Official GovHack Datasets. Open Government data must be used.

Little Steps

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This project will develop a prototype, responsive and visually simple website that can help newly arrived migrants, refugees and asylum seekers navigate the complexities of settlement in Australia and connect to communities.

Endless Bureaucracy

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Endless Bureaucracy

To find out more about Endless Bureaucracy, watch the pitch video at: Pitch Video - Endless Bureaucracy​​​​​​​

Endless Bureaucracy is an Endless Sky mod. go to

To install Endless Bureaucracy on Windows, go to and download, extract it, then run EndlessSky.exe.

Health Epidemiology

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##Health Hackers


This project is about analysing the mortality rate caused due to cancer and drawing parallels with the probable reasons beyond medical reasons.

Though mortality rate is decreasing over the years in Australia, two types of cancers are following a reverse trend. They are 1. Lung Cancer 2. Pancreatic cancer.

Most of the sufferers of these cancers are identified to be heavy smokers. But is smoking tobacco alone is driving this issues...?


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Encounter and photograph our amazing wildlife! Explore and learn about our country! All while contributing to open data, getting exercise and having fun!


We live in a beautiful country; rich with wildlife, parks and landmarks. Unfortunately, very few of us are aware of what can be found around us. This year for Govhack 2016, team YAMM have been working on something that we believe will give people a way to truly connect with their surroundings.