New Infrastructure

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To Determine the impacts and/or opportunities of a proposed or approved new infrastructure. This could be the impact on the existing community and/or business. It could inform government and/or business decision making. Examples that could be used, but are not limited to, include: Light rail Gold Coast, Light rail Canberra, Light rail Sydney; Proposed second airport Sydney, Proposed Freeway bypass


Eligibility Criteria

Combine Australian Business Register (ABR) data with other publicly available datasets

Mantis Labs

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Mantis Labs

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We have examined the overall problem of data security which is a growing concern globally. We have applied our focus for the GovHack event toward the Government Health sector which can be a vulnerable area of concern. Our findings lead us to the particular issue of "ransomeware" that highlights this problem to be a growing concern whereby 4000 attacks occur daily across the world in the health sector alone of which Australia would be included.

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Mycity in Virtual Reality

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Team Gold Coast

My City in Virtual Reality

Why do we need Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is becoming popular day by day. Using this technology, users can feel the virtual experience of the places. The Gold Coast is hosting the Commonwealth 2018 Games. The Gold Coast is going to attract more visitors from all over the world for this event.

How does the Virtual Reality app work?


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Level One

futureNow is a web application that predicts the volume of people using different modes of transport for specific locations (i.e: train stations). Predictions on train patronage and traffic volume are based on weather indicators and time variables (day of the week, month etc.)


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Four Planners and a Panda

SweetSpot is a data visualisation tool which combines employment, building, residential and traffic data in Melbourne to determine promising locations to start or expand a business.

It allows users to interrogate a wide range of property, landuse and demographic datasets at an individual building level, with the aim of helping users suitably locate a business.  The tool allows for the interrogation of:

Highway to the Dangerzone

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Four Planners and a Panda


Highway to the Danger zone is an interactive planning tool intended to help policy makers with identifying future trends for population, employment and travel demand growth and planning future development. In particularly the tool utilises Geelong City Council planning population forecasts and compares sub-region employment with labour force. Furthermore, public transport accessibility is shown for each small area.