Best Data Visualisation

Supported By: 
ACT Government

For the project which exhibits the best visualisation of an ACT data set (or data sets).

Eligibility Criteria

Must use some ACT Government data sets from


Team Name: 
Totally Original

Our application is an investigation into statistics relating to the Australian agricultural industry. Using extensive datasets acquired from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we have created an online app that allows users to explore data trends relating to annual agricultural turnouts. The statistics we explored were specifically, industry turnovers, industry value and employment numbers in Australian regions heavily dependent on agriculture. Our application allows for users to explore these agricultural trends down to an SA2 level, that is, a regional level.


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"Bringing Government Data to Life"

-Dash- displays a high quality and curated dashboard that tells the story of Government and Australian data across key topic areas such as Energy, Finance, Health and Social. Furthermore -Dash- makes government data inclusive by allowing non-coders to search across government portals to interact with and visualise government data. 

It is simple to use and can be embedded in the home page.

So why do we need -Dash-?

On The Move

On the Move
Team Name: 
A Pizza Data

​​​​​​​Our main dataset was the Settlement Data Extracted by Department of social services in July 2016. The SDB is a repository of information on permanent, and some temporary, migrants who have arrived in Australia since 1 January 1991. The dataset contains variables on current state, Local Government Area, Main Language, English Proficiency, Country of Birth, Gender and Migration Stream. The information of these variables are visualised in “On The Move”.


Health Hack

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Health Hack

Our aim is to use the Smart Parking data to encourage people to park further away and walk to their destinations rather than waiting around for a closer park.

Note:  for the demo you have to be logged into a google account.  Chrome works best.