ABS - That thing we all need

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Australian Bureau of Statistics

OK Tech and Dev Hackers. You've spoken over the years, and we've listened.

We know that sometimes government systems aren't the best things to work with. And we know that most of the time, all of our data is in different formats and sometimes, all kinds of wrong to the professional developer.

So here is your challenge. Make us "that thing" we need. The dankest of the dank unofficial APIs. The killer library. The master app. The coolest of the cool. The thing that will solve the "this is why we can't have nice things" conundrum.

"But what makes it cool?" you ask?


Eligibility Criteria

Entries MUST be cross-team and collaborative.

  • Ideally, you'll connect with other techs/devs from other teams and either:
    • Build something that all teams at GovHack can use to discover, access, connect to etc, to multiple agency data portals and websites; or
    • Build something that every Agency at GovHack and elsewhere can use in future years to make it easier for people to do things with our data.
  • Entries must be complete and working, open source and available for use, and documented well enough for peer review.
  • Demonstrated cross-team use of the working entry will be very highly regarded.


By the rules of cool:

  • Your peers will be your initial judges - if "that thing we need" is clearly used by a large number of team by the end of the weekend, this will speak for itself and will be very highly regarded for judging - everyone subconsciously knows what's cool and what's not - the inner geek is a powerful judge!
  • Agency and Sponsor technical mentors from Service Design and Developer/Coder areas will also evaluate entries on both "big S" service design (is it easy to use, documented, developer experience friendly etc) and code/functional quality.
  • The prize will be awarded to the named / significant contributors of the "thing", as if they were a normal team.


Team Name: 

BizHack is an online data analytics tool allowing businesses plan their growth strategies. Business owners enter a set of parameters to describe their business and the BizHack analytics engine compares their business to similar businesses to generate a customized statistical profile. From these results, the tool generates a set of recommendations for the customer's business growth strategy.

The Driving Angel

The Driving Doctor
Team Name: 
Travel Fairy

Idea: Guiding drivers through dangerous situations via audio

Based on data collected from sensors in the car and open data available externally a current situation of the environment and the mental state of the driver is analysed and depending the analysis result audio feedback is provided to the driver. Audio may include music, noise, or voices. The audio will indicate if the driver is approaching a dangerous situation, influence the mood/state of the driver, e.g., calming down, prevent from falling asleep, pointing out an upcoming dangerous situation.


Team Name: 

Safety is a major concern for all drivers on Victorian roads. Accidents often occurs when people are distracted, not paying attention to the road or where conditions make it hard to do so.


Introducing our iPhone app Promixity. Proximity uses traffic and other sources of historic data to warn users when they approach areas that are high risk. Using data sets such as accident occurrences and bridge information from Vicroads, we are able to warn users before they reach accident hotspots as well as warn truck drivers in advance before approaching bridges that are too low.

Location Location Location

Team Name: 
Location Location Location

Is that property safe? Is the transportation convenient? "Location Location Location" is your one-stop location insight for your next property, either rental or purchasable. Try "Location Location Location" now and stop spending hours and hours of precious time digging the internet.


Touri Ai
Team Name: 
Touri AI

Touri is the next generation in tourist and local exploration technology. By combining government data sets and an extensive array of API's, Touri becomes a powerful tool for the adventurous and curious population.

Touri is for every user, no matter if you are a walker, runner, cyclist or motorist your experience with her is tailored to you.

Touri is available on any platform ranging from your desktop to your mobile phone, whenever you need it.