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Tagger is a new form of social network, where users explore and interact with the digital world through exploration of the physical world.

Tagger allows individuals and organisations to put a finger to the pulse of their city, gaining insights into which points of interest near them are currently popular, what events are going on, and where interesting discussions are occurring.

Currently, Tagger utilises the NSW point of interest dataset. The geospatial coordinates of these locations are used as the hubs around which conversations can form. Users upload text content with optional image attachments. In the future, Tagger will incorporate Transport for NSW live location data, so that users can engage with each other on public transport as they traverse and explore the city.

Tagger is of great potential use to many groups, and represents a great opportunity for organisations. Tourists and urban explorers can use Tagger to find interesting locations, hotspots, and people on their travels. Governments and businesses can use Tagger gain insight into public sentiment and feedback for locations they manage, or push PA messages or promotions to certain locations.

The Tagger team has taken on this project not only because we truly believe it has the potential to make cities smarter and more social, but because developing it is just plain fun.


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University of Technology Sydney
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NSW Points of Interest
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Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
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New South Wales Government
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This data serves as the backbone for the application. POI locations are used as the hubs around which conversations can form.
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Sydney Official