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The 'SizzleRig' project involves analysis of bushfire data from national, state and territory governments. With machine learning tools we have developed a system for rating the threat of bushfire for any location in Australia that includes historical and real-time data from CSIRO's Sentinel HotSpots satellite programme and our beloved ACT Fire Feed.

Our SizzleRig web application is great for software-based bushfire visualisation, reporting, and management. But fire itself is visually exciting; humanity's great perennial friend and foe, so we decided to visualise and manage fire in a literal way through building the hardware aspect of this project.

Our gas-fed device is mechanically operated via an Arduino controller. A column of fire burns bright within a perspex housing, its height controlled by the software. It tells the story of our countrys relationship with bushfires over the past 15 years.

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Australian National University
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Sentinel HotSpot Data
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Australian Government
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From the website: 'Sentinel HotSpots provides an important and consistent overview for management of fires across the country.' The data is traditionally used for land and bushfire management. However, data older than 10 days is purged from the public-facing FTP download. We are using the data to form a predictive tool for future bushfire activity via IBM Bluemix. We are also using the data to produce an API that will make this information for others, including the historical data which we have accessed by mimicking the outgoing network requests from the Sentinel application. The percentage of the country on fire at any one date, informed in part via the Sentinel HotSpot data, will also control the height of the flame in the 'Firenado' machine we are making as a novel method of data visualisation from our webapp.
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ACT Fire Danger Rating Meter
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
Emergency Services Agency
Jurisdiction of Data: 
ACT Government
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
The data feed provided was used as a status page to indicate whether our hardware side of the project could be used on a given day. It is also used as a status page for people to see if the current fire danger in the ACT and to see if a total fire ban is in progress.
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