Hard waste management analysis

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This project identifies the phenomenon of hard waste collection in wyndams suburbs

This analysis throws a lot of open questions on what triggers the hardwaste collection in these suburbs and also shows where population is concentrated.

For eg. Tarneit, point cook and truganina are relatively new suburbs when compared with weribee south but there is a significant hard waste collection happening in these suburbs which can be directly related to a strong population and economic growth in these suburbs.

This could also be because lot of people moving in and out of these suburbs or the community's economic affordability in these suburbs might be getting high.

Since these insights trigger a variety of open ended questions, this could greatly help wyndham council while planning developmental activities for its suburbs and deciding on where its resources should be concentrated.

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Swinburne University Of Technology
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Wyndham City Hard Rubbish Bookings
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Wyndham City Council
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Local Government
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Data analysis and visualization of the hard rubbish bookings from 2009 - 2016 to identify trends and most popular items.
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Hack for Wyndham