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Futuristic Blanket





This is a web application created by team Futuristic Blanket. The application uses the dataset “Air Quality Monitoring 2015”. The intention is to inform users of specific pollutant concentration in different parts of Queensland and to create awareness about how these pollutants are being introduced into the atmosphere and how human activities are contributing to this.


The user part of the app includes an interactive map that when certain locations are clicked, display a chart. This chart presents information detailing the concentration of specific pollutants in that particular area including nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter, to name a few. The statistics are the averages of the amounts of certain toxins present in the air, and other variables (such as wind speed and temperature) recorded over different hours and days in that specific location.


The category that we are primarily focusing on is that ‘Science Sandpit’, although we are also nominating our project for the ‘Educate Us!’ as we feel that the fact that it focuses on the environmental aspect of our community as well as informing and educating users about this issue, this qualifies it for both categories.


What we would do next.


Our initial idea for this application included a quiz or a game that makes the website enjoyable as well as educational. The game was going to inform the users about different way humans are causing pollution and informs them about ways they can reduce this. Also, the webpage itself is quite plain and given an opportunity, we would make it look a lot more aesthetically pleasing as well as creating a game for the site.


How it contributes to society.


We believe that by informing people about the air pollution situation not only in their city and/or area, but around Queensland, it make it feel a lot more relevant to them. It would also make them more inclined to take a personal stance on the issue and attempt to do their part to reduce air pollution.

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Team Prize Details: 
Participated at Brisbane youth node.
Used Datasets: 
Dataset Name: 
Air Quality Monitoring - 2015
Publishing Organisation/Agency: 
Science, Information Technology and Innovation
Jurisdiction of Data: 
Queensland Government
How did you use this data in your entry?: 
We used this data to present the air quality in different areas of Queensland on a map! The data was turned into averages using a nodejs script.
Event Location: 
Brisbane Youth Node