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Totally Original

Our application is an investigation into statistics relating to the Australian agricultural industry. Using extensive datasets acquired from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we have created an online app that allows users to explore data trends relating to annual agricultural turnouts. The statistics we explored were specifically, industry turnovers, industry value and employment numbers in Australian regions heavily dependent on agriculture. Our application allows for users to explore these agricultural trends down to an SA2 level, that is, a regional level. We have presented the data as automated graphs readjusting dynamically to reflect the datasets in question. Our target audience for this website/tool are people who work in the Agriultual industry for example, farmers and agronomists who require easy to access datasets for their agricultural region. With more time and resources, more interesting datasets can be added such as climate data, rainfall, region populations, mortality rates alongside our existing graphs, allowing for the more inquisitive amongst us to search for correlations between these sets of data.

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Australian National University & Academy of Interactive Entertainment
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Agriculture Industry and its annual Turnover, Full Time Employment & Industry Value
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Australian Government
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This specific data query returns three different types of data sets for the Australian Agricultural Industry. 1. Turnover 2. Full Time Employment 3. Industry Value. We used every single piece of this data set to graph every Australian region's Agricultural Industry turnover, full time employment and industry value from 2005-2014.
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