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What's Up Brisbane

Make Brisbane Great Again
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Make Brisbane Great Again

What's Up Brisbane aims to address the confusing representation of brisbane events in an easy to use format. By accessing live (with a small delay as it is done by a scheduled job) multiple RSS feeds from Brisbane City Council, an interactive map based format shows a user where events are near them on a specific date. Further work that may not be completed over the weekend included using historical weather and traffic data to estimate future conditions and further filter the suggested events (i.e.


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The web application namely Miria was developed to give employment information based on the location provided by the user. The employment  information throughout Australia is used to help the user determine if a location is suitable to their needs.

The parameters for the web app includes: current location, future location, industry and age. These parameters are processed by the web app to produce information based on the scenario and given input.

Breathe Easy

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Each year, 1600 Australians die from exposure to air pollution. The life expectancy of Australians is diminished by an average 69 days on account of air pollution. Australia has the highest prevalence of Asthma in the world, with 1 in 10 people suffering from the chronic condition. 

City Quest

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An interactive game that rewards players for visting art, historical landmarks, walking trails and differnent flora and funa rich areas in Brisbane/parks. Players have the ability to follow three distinct quest stories related to art, history and libraries. Players level up by visiting the different locations. Once a player has completed a quest they achieve the hightest level. Players can complete multiple quest to achieve cross skill status. This games draws on the publically available art and landmark datasets.