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Industrial Water Complex

Screen shot of the visualisation tools
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Team GR

This project will use data from the National Pollutant Inventory to explore industrial water usage from 2000-2015. This project provides discovery and interrogation tools to show where water has been used, what it was used for, and query breakdowns of what consumed by industry type or substance treated.

Crikey!: Helping your community

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Crikey is a disaster relief app designed to allow community members to connect to their neighbors in upcoming extreme conditions. Additionally the current warnings, including all relevant information about possible obstacles that may affect their evacuation plan. Based off these predictions users can decide to request help to prepare for destructive weather. Alternatively users can offer their help by preparing the community for evacuation or damage mitigation.



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Picspot is an app developed by the Dataminers, and it has the form of a challenging sightseeing picture contest. Challenges are proposed to the users that, once accepted, will be given just the distance from the landmark that will be the subject of the challenge, without any hint on the route to follow in order to reach it.


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Cylindrical Books

When we first heard about Brisbane City Council’s 2031 Vision for an accessible and connected city we knew this was the challenge we wanted to help solve. All of us at Cylindrical Books live within the inner city region and we knew that this vision is what we wanted to see happen in our city.

Brisbane is an active and vibrant community that is growing every day. We want to share it. We want to make sure that no matter your fitness level, age, or background you are able to take in all that the city has to offer.