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Clean My City

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- Idea is to tag the waste and area affected by pollution.

- Officials can get real time information and work on it.

- Information given to the user and central team on the staus garbage being picked up and transfer to its location.

- Color coding to the areas which are still affected or need work.

Life Explorer

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Life Explorer is a mobile-based application that offers a platform for residents and travellers to discover events held within Brisbane.

Users are prompted to select an adjective that best describes the day they would like to have. This then generates a list of events that are correlated with that adjective in the eyes of those who previously attended them. The application also enables storytelling about events, allowing event-seekers to understand (and later experience) the city of Brisbane from a new set of eyes.

Mother Nature

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If someone doesn't complain, it's easy for us to ignore them. Sometimes we do more. We abuse and take advantage -- particularly if it means we profit, or it's for our own convenience.

If our earth was a human being standing next to us, what would it look like? Would we react and change our behavior, or just turn away ...again?​​​​​​​

Mother Nature is a humanoid art form that exhibits the state of the environment.


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The Quick Bus Boys

While Journey Planning apps and services are well established within the Brisbane bus transit ecosystem, one very common use case is neglected by current systems. QuickBus aims to allow users who are on their regular commute - who know their bus route and travel from a regular stop - to instantly and easily find out where their bus is.

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Do that later

Our project focuses on education though visualising government collected data. Our goals are to generate an interface where people can learn about Australia's people, and view information about particular demographics. we also aim to use a neural network to predict the distributions of taxable income for future generations. Because of this; we believe our project is valuable to both education in schools, and identifying the inequalities of Australian people so that these issues can be addressed.