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Da Washing Machine


Black Hat hackers using mash-ups and sophisticated algorithms are already using online social data to reconstruct accurate personal profiles and commit identity theft. The newly available Government data should not contribute to this activity. 

Securing data on the web is a global problem; our submission is to suggest processes that address some of the bigger challenges, in an effort to ensure such that unauthorized personal data cannot be accessed. 


Our Project Name is Privé


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Creating a one centralised interactive web interface where all QLD Government topographical maps can be viewed, accessed and downloaded.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

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About Explore the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living ecosystem on Earth comprised of 2,900 unique reefs and 600 continental islands with 1,625 species of fish – 10% of the world’s fish species. Explore the Great Barrier Reef is an interactive education tool to better understand the scale and diversity of this natural wonder.

Explore the Reef

Learn the scale of the Great Barrier Reef by navigating through the 2,300km-long ecosystem, thousands of reefs, and hundreds of islands.

Dive In


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Data Anonymisation AA S​​​​​​​ervice

Web platform to upload and transform a data set for anonymity.  The user:

1) Uploads their data set

2) Chooses the functions which are applied to this, suppression or generalization

3) Checks the K-Score (to see minimum number of occurrences for unique rows) and downloads the file.  

Able to automatically recognize data types and provide pre-built functions on each data type to suppress/generalize.  

Unveil The Scene

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Hacky McHackFace

"Unveil the scene" is a web portal that showcases the Australian innovation industry, as well as  the government bodies, private investors and general public who are supporting and growing this diverse industry. In addition to raising public awareness about the extensive work happening in the innovation space, the web portal also aims to promote connections between innovators and their supporters. The start-up and innovation industry of Australia is incredibly important to our future prosperity.