New South Wales

Where are people like me !

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New migrants find it hard to find affordable housing for rent as migrants are not familiar with local areas sufficiently to make an informed decision as to where best to live depending on their circumstances. We recommend ideal suburbs for their rental needs based on Income, Expenses, Gender, Age, Profession and Marital Status by comparing  with existing data as a benchmark.

Creature Wise

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The Atlas of Living Australia is a great resource for finding out more about living things in Australia. It is also an important resource for crowd sourced recording of wildlife sightings.  Unfortunately, many people do not know about Atalas let alone that they can contribute to it.  

Perfect Catch

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Hooked On Enabling

Perfect Catch is a complete fishing experience solution using various gov datasets.


Team Elephant
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There are 100,000 homeless australians. Getting back on your feet once in that position is extremely difficult. Unsung gives Australians without income the tools to be able to provide for themselves and not rely on charity or the government. This is done through a guide to using the gig economy and with a list of free wifi locations that are ranked by the utilities near the location e.g. health services, bathrooms, free food etc. We pulled in this information from open government data sources. 


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South Park


Finding street side parking in the CBD is one of the most excruciating experience when you live in Sydney. We are all familiar with not being able to get a parking spot close to where we want to be. What if parking is smarter? What if there was a better way?

TaxLess: Optimising your tax return

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TaxLess is a simple to use app that will help you with your next tax return. TaxLess optimises your next tax return by comparing your deductions with people like you.

We took open ATO dataset, applied some predictive analytics to understand which socio-economic catergory you fall under and created web tool that discovers where your deductions are falling short and what can you do about them.

How we do it


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The Pentagon 5

Edugate Responsive Website:

Edugate is all about identifying the vector of skill-gaps in the market with emerging students into the workforce, to help choose suitability of courses undertaken, TAFE classes chosen in the last years of high school and degrees applied for. This is to amplify student's chances entering the workforce with qualifications that employers are requiring, helping bridge the gap and minimise the chances of unemployment.

School Disaster Resilience

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School Disaster Resilience

Disasters especially bushfires can have a large effect on the australian community. Schools especially in rural areas represent very important points in case of a disaster because there may be large numbers of young children that require special planning from emergency services to keep everyone safe. It is also very important for the parents that they know that their children are safe and this is currently left to each individual school as the central department does not have individual students parents contact details.

Sydney Tolls

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Toll Trolls

Multi player, turn based game.

Survive the mental strain of Sydney traffic. Build your private road toll empire. Don't lose your sh*t or your job.


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Have fun exploring the beauty and splendour of the Aussie natural world, learn some interesting facts, and perhaps compete with your friends while you're at it! It's a fascinating, mobile view of the Atlas of Living Australia, centred around your location.