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Team AVataRR

generalised 3d visualisation tool

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Home Sweet Home: Keeping up with the theme of "Games for Learning”, our team has decided to come up with a fun game to make learning interactive using the vast data sets available for all species. The intent of the game is to geographically place the species on a specific location (throughout Australia) based on their scientific names. Another cool idea we are implementing is to do a Flickr image search to receive the images for each scientific species name.

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Health Epidemiology

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##Health Hackers


This project is about analysing the mortality rate caused due to cancer and drawing parallels with the probable reasons beyond medical reasons.

Though mortality rate is decreasing over the years in Australia, two types of cancers are following a reverse trend. They are 1. Lung Cancer 2. Pancreatic cancer.

Most of the sufferers of these cancers are identified to be heavy smokers. But is smoking tobacco alone is driving this issues...?

Predictive Policing

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In the 2012 film Minority Report, it shows a world where crimes are predicted before they occurred. This became the basis for our project for predictive policing with the intention of assisting police in fighting crime.

We utilised Coordinate level data for non-domestic assaults and robberies occurring in Sydney LGA in outdoor and public places to teach our predictive algorithm to learn from the historical data and to forecasts for the future.