Western Australian Community Prize

Supported By: 
Department of Local Government and Communities

The solution that best helps Western Australians to experience and enjoy their communities.


Award of $1,500 to 1st place and $1,000 to 2nd place

Eligibility Criteria

Use of relevant dataset available through the Western Australian Government's data portal (data.wa.gov.au)

Crash Course

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This project aims to discover the relationship between congestion and the type of accident that occurs under specific traffic conditions. By analysing the MRWA 2011 to 2015 Crash Data and Network Operations Traffic Data, we hope to inform the public and government of the most statistically probable traffic risks for certain levels of congestions.

MentalHelp Application

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MentalHelp is a mental health application for linking members of the community to appropriate mental health services in their area.

1 in 5 Australians will suffer from a mental illness in any given year. In young Western Australians it will affect almost 1 in every 3. Only a quarter of those will seek out effective help, others resorting to substance abuse, self harm before getting help or in the worst scenarios taking their own life.

Street Shark

Street Sharks
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Pre-crime Street Sharks

Getting home is typically a matter of choosing the shortest or fastest path. A typical directions service will choose the cheapest, or fastest, or shortest path, but when it comes to safety it's up to the user to decide based on 'gut-feeling' which way to go home.

Street Shark knits together publicly available crime data with a various predictors to build a totally JAWSOME dataset of the safest areas in your city.

Violet Pipe Dreams

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Violet Pipe Dreams

The projest is going to combine Water Corporation data on waste water processing and storage, and add in rainfall, climate and geo-located useage patterns to maximise the efficiency and reuse of prcious ecologial resources to promote sustainability.

We are taking views on the water corporations capacity to save energy in processing waste water, linking capacity to possible future usage.

State Engaged

Team Name: 
Hack Newbies

Our Hypothesis: Most West Australians feel disengaged with State and Local Government / Council spending and planning initiatives. 

Project “State Engaged” will provide a virtual 3D platform that enables Government and Local Bodies to engage with rate payers on current initiatives. It’s an interactive, visual platform through which residents will have an opportunity to explore, compare and participate in planning initiatives.​​​​​​​