Western Australian Community Prize

Supported By: 
Department of Local Government and Communities

The solution that best helps Western Australians to experience and enjoy their communities.


Award of $1,500 to 1st place and $1,000 to 2nd place

Eligibility Criteria

Use of relevant dataset available through the Western Australian Government's data portal (data.wa.gov.au)

Colourful Past

Colourful Past
Team Name: 
Colourful Past

Colourful Past uses machine learning to instantly and intelligently recolour historical images. It applies deep learning to images from data sources across Australia and NZ. The AI is based on research published by a team from UC Berkley, trained to use educated guesses to apply colour to photographs.


Team Name: 
Geraldton Hack

We plan to build a user friendly website and complemetary educational video and materials, to generate positive community sentiment about the benefits of migrants to regional Western Australian communities.

We are looking at communities with similar characteristics:


Team Name: 
Perth Urbanist

#BudgetHack is project undertaken by Perth Urbanist for GovHack 2016. The aim of our project is to use data from the Department of Local Government and Communities' MyCouncil and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science's Region Innovation Data to explore corrolations between what local government spends its money on and the rate of return in terms of measures of innovation.