Shark Solutions Prize

Supported By: 
Department of Fisheries

The solution which best provides a public safety outcome for shark mitigation for Western Australia’s water users.


Eligibility Criteria

Use of relevant dataset available through the Western Australian Government's data portal (

Point Break - Crowdsourcing Beach Intelligence | On Demand Spatial Awareness

Team Name: 
Point Break

Crowdsourcing beach intelligence to encourage participation of recreational activities and utilisation of our coastal areas with real time spatial awareness.

## Our aims:

* Tackle beach safety with a solution that fits into peoples current habits (not just a shark spotting app).
* Encourage activity and engagement around beaches and beach communities.
* Drives collaboration and sharing of local knowledge.
* Feed useful data back into industry/government.

## Problem Statement

Project Trident

Team Name: 

Project Trident uses a multi-pronged approach (incorporating both hardware and software solutions) that aims to:

  • improve water time safety

  • inform beachgoers of the risks associated with marine activities

  • decreases the need to engage in shark control programs such as drum lines