Waste Management

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Victorian Government: Sustainability Victoria

How might we use data to better track and quantify the flows of waste and enable better planning and investment? As Victoria's population increases, there is greater need to minimise and better manage our waste to create more sustainable communities. Mapping and quantifying the flows of waste data would provide evidence for forecasting and planning future infrastructure needs for the state. Industry, local and state government would find this particularly useful given the state infrastructure plan’s purpose and its influence on determining future waste facilities in Victoria.


Eligibility Criteria

Nominate the Theme in the entry is competing in. Use at least two data sets (at least one must be Victoria government data with a strong preference for multipliable Victorian government datasets from different departments and agencies.) Other openly licensed data may be used.

Endless Bureaucracy

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Endless Bureaucracy

To find out more about Endless Bureaucracy, watch the pitch video at: Pitch Video - Endless Bureaucracy​​​​​​​

Endless Bureaucracy is an Endless Sky mod. go to https://github.com/endless-sky

To install Endless Bureaucracy on Windows, go to http://github.com/endlessbureaucracy and download endless-bureaucracy-win64-0.9.2.zip, extract it, then run EndlessSky.exe.

Hard waste management analysis

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This project identifies the phenomenon of hard waste collection in wyndams suburbs

This analysis throws a lot of open questions on what triggers the hardwaste collection in these suburbs and also shows where population is concentrated.

For eg. Tarneit, point cook and truganina are relatively new suburbs when compared with weribee south but there is a significant hard waste collection happening in these suburbs which can be directly related to a strong population and economic growth in these suburbs.

Manage Garbage

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Manage Garbage is a web application that allow user's to find their next bin collection date and their nearest waste management facility.

The idea behind this application is to have one universal place where all Australian users can find their bin collection days based on address or a user location.

When a location is selected, the following information is retrieved 

Gotta Bin it to Win it

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Govhack peeps

Gotta Bin it to Win it is an exciting android app that reminds the users of the respective day their bin is supposed to be taken out. With this app, users will never miss a bin day ever again.

Users will be asked for their address and this app determines the day their bin is due to be taken out. Users will also be able to customize the appearance of their bin inside the app as well as earn achievements for consistently taking their bins out.  

This app helps you: