Vic Map Features of Interest

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Victorian Government - Dept. Land, Environment, Water and Planning

A prize for the best reuse of the 'Features of Interest' dataset (e.g. to families, community groups etc). Can you help people locate facilities around them? DELWP provides a dynamic database of features and sub features such as education centres, community venues, care & emergency facilities.


Eligibility Criteria

Nominate the Theme in the entry is competing in. Use at least two data sets (at least one must be Victoria government data with a strong preference for multipliable Victorian government datasets from different departments and agencies.) Other openly licensed data may be used.

The last tree-bender

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Govhack peeps

The last tree-bender is about encouraging elderly people to take refreshing daily walks. This is to help them exercise as well as improving their mental, and physical health. This is done by selecting an 'interesting tree' that is close by to that specific area, maps are then printed out and then readily made available to the elderly so that they may conduct their daily walks.

This helps elderly:

Location Location Location

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Location Location Location

Is that property safe? Is the transportation convenient? "Location Location Location" is your one-stop location insight for your next property, either rental or purchasable. Try "Location Location Location" now and stop spending hours and hours of precious time digging the internet.


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- Liveability means something unique to everyone.

- It's your story, but you can't tell it at the moment

- Liveability rankings exist for Melbourne, but in such a diverse state, how do you know which area suits you best? Would a Weekend in Warrnambool suit you best, or or maybe a lifetime?