Vic Map Features of Interest

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Victorian Government - Dept. Land, Environment, Water and Planning

A prize for the best reuse of the 'Features of Interest' dataset (e.g. to families, community groups etc). Can you help people locate facilities around them? DELWP provides a dynamic database of features and sub features such as education centres, community venues, care & emergency facilities.


Eligibility Criteria

Nominate the Theme in the entry is competing in. Use at least two data sets (at least one must be Victoria government data with a strong preference for multipliable Victorian government datasets from different departments and agencies.) Other openly licensed data may be used.

Informed Personas

Team Name: 
the Informed Personas

Informed Personas
A persona generator for UX developers using open government datasets to make them informed.

  • Problem: Generating Personas for UX Dev work is hard and often subjective/biased.
  • Solution: Generating Personas for UV Dev's using informed data.
  • Opportunity: Generating Personas for UX Dev's is now easier, objective/unbiased and informed.

Wilsons Prom Go

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Using the data from the hackathon, including all the cool locations, and mulitmedia, we make a game where you need to visit each location, and take a photo of it. That way you capture a location.

We have the basics working, but there is a lot more we could do to this app, but we ran out of time. We could publish the users photos, we could have a league table.


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Journey Planner

  1. Home to Work / Appointment / Leisure

    Imagine you are an elderely or disabled resident who needs to plan a how to get from home to an appointment, e.g. a Podiatry appointment. You might be someone who uses an battery powered scooter.


  2. Tourist Heritage Walk

    Imagine you are a tourist who has just arrived in Ballarat, and you need to plan your own walk around town, Your special interest is Heritage. Using WhereToNext you can create a personalised map to show you where to go, and what to look at on the way.


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Claws and Effect

Pet-tential utilises local City of Greater Geelong council data to allow you to find out more information about the dogs of Geelong!

Compare your suburb to your best doggie friend's suburb or all of Geelong!

Find out where you can find other doggies who share the same name or breed as your dog!

Find out how many dog walking areas are in your suburb!