Smart Parking in Ballarat

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City of Ballarat

The City of Ballarat is looking at ways to improve parking for residents and people visiting Ballarat. Reasons for requiring parking may vary widely as well as the desired lengths of stay and ways in which citizens may want to engage with parking space. How can we improve parking for our residents? How can we better understand what drives parking behaviours and perceptions around parking? Is there a parking issue in Ballarat? Does the public perception match data available? Information that may come in handy: Data – City of Ballarat data is hosted on, with state government information at The ABS also publish information at Judging for this challenge will be on the concept of your hack. This challenge is not just limited to applications but could be any kind of hack - we will leave that one to you.


Eligibility Criteria

Local Hero

Team Name: 
Web Civics

It's hard to find stuff in Regional Australia, and whilst the data exists in an array of places, spaces and minds; an opportunity exists to help make this information more accessible. 

Go Park Yourself

Visualisation displaying CCTV, lighting and traffic infringement hotspots over Ballarat's parking areas
Team Name: 
One Big Mess

Bringing together multiple local data source to improve the experience of finding suitable parking for Ballarat residents and visitors in the form of an app.

The app will provide information about: