Melbourne's Ecology

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City Of Melbourne

How can we improve the way we collect and share information about Melbourne’s ecology?


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Use at least one city of Melbourne dataset


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Encounter and photograph our amazing wildlife! Explore and learn about our country! All while contributing to open data, getting exercise and having fun!


We live in a beautiful country; rich with wildlife, parks and landmarks. Unfortunately, very few of us are aware of what can be found around us. This year for Govhack 2016, team YAMM have been working on something that we believe will give people a way to truly connect with their surroundings.

Find My Toilet

Team Name: 
Hackstreet Boys

An app allowing users to find their closest public amenity (toilets, shower, drinking water), provide feedback rating of the facility and inform the body responsible for the amenity if maintenance is required. By recording the location of users when they indicate they need a facility and providing access to this new dataset to councils and town planners via both an API and a heatmap, it is easy for them to visualise where new amenities are most needed.

The last tree-bender

Team Name: 
Govhack peeps

The last tree-bender is about encouraging elderly people to take refreshing daily walks. This is to help them exercise as well as improving their mental, and physical health. This is done by selecting an 'interesting tree' that is close by to that specific area, maps are then printed out and then readily made available to the elderly so that they may conduct their daily walks.

This helps elderly: