Hack for Wyndham

Supported By: 
City of Wyndham

The Best entry that uses open data to create something useful for the people of Wyndham. Entries may also support other communties in Victoria or Australia.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least one dataset from the
Wyndham City Council.


mytree, urban forest, greening, trees, tree, environment
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The TREE Musketeers

MyTREE is a project based in the City of Wyndham, Victoria using the TREES datasets released by Council to provide a facility to offset emissions and give ownership of the project to the local community


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A web application for recording, predicting, and tracking family violence

Hard waste management analysis

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This project identifies the phenomenon of hard waste collection in wyndams suburbs

This analysis throws a lot of open questions on what triggers the hardwaste collection in these suburbs and also shows where population is concentrated.

For eg. Tarneit, point cook and truganina are relatively new suburbs when compared with weribee south but there is a significant hard waste collection happening in these suburbs which can be directly related to a strong population and economic growth in these suburbs.

Manage Garbage

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Manage Garbage is a web application that allow user's to find their next bin collection date and their nearest waste management facility.

The idea behind this application is to have one universal place where all Australian users can find their bin collection days based on address or a user location.

When a location is selected, the following information is retrieved 

Informed Personas

Team Name: 
the Informed Personas

Informed Personas
A persona generator for UX developers using open government datasets to make them informed.

  • Problem: Generating Personas for UX Dev work is hard and often subjective/biased.
  • Solution: Generating Personas for UV Dev's using informed data.
  • Opportunity: Generating Personas for UX Dev's is now easier, objective/unbiased and informed.