Geelong Open Data - Creative Challenge

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City of Greater Geelong (CoGG)

This is the challenge without definition. We want you to do something that no one has thought of. This hack encourages your creativity to come up with Apps, websites or solutions that encourages innovation and future development possibilities. Prizes will be judged on creativity, the problem solving capability of the hack and even potential commercialisation opportunities. Current community challanges: Understanding how residential land size influence nuisance type (barking dogs, smoke music noise), Encouraging Geelong youth to particpate in youth activities and things of interest across Geelong. Supporting a civic society in Geelong such as 'community support phone tree' or similar, for extreme heat or other weather event days for the Elderly, At Risk People. Does Street Lighting and CCTV cameras improve safety in a City?


Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least one Geelong datasets. Encouraged to use other TAS Council or State Government data.


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Encounter and photograph our amazing wildlife! Explore and learn about our country! All while contributing to open data, getting exercise and having fun!


We live in a beautiful country; rich with wildlife, parks and landmarks. Unfortunately, very few of us are aware of what can be found around us. This year for Govhack 2016, team YAMM have been working on something that we believe will give people a way to truly connect with their surroundings.

Highway to the Dangerzone

Team Name: 
Four Planners and a Panda


Highway to the Danger zone is an interactive planning tool intended to help policy makers with identifying future trends for population, employment and travel demand growth and planning future development. In particularly the tool utilises Geelong City Council planning population forecasts and compares sub-region employment with labour force. Furthermore, public transport accessibility is shown for each small area. 

News & Events Data Mashup

Team Name: 
Panic Mouse

ABC News mashup is a web based application that presents a geo-spacial representation of the news and events in areas relevant to you.

Users are able to filter news and events by their intrests, this then populates a map with pin-point data of the news and events in locations that users are intrested in. Once the user finds a story that they're intrested in they can then follow through the link on the location point to view the source and find more information on the story.

Manage Garbage

Team Name: 

Manage Garbage is a web application that allow user's to find their next bin collection date and their nearest waste management facility.

The idea behind this application is to have one universal place where all Australian users can find their bin collection days based on address or a user location.

When a location is selected, the following information is retrieved 


Ballarat Hackerspace
Team Name: 
bHack Gamma

Factr is designed to provide amusing, but also surprisingly insightful statements by combining huge amounts of disparate location data. We've combined 13 local government data sets as a starting point for this, but have also developed a tool that allows us to rapidly add additional datasets (of different structures) without requiring lengthy manual processing.