Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit

Supported By: 
Tasmanian State Government

Most Outstanding Tasmanian Benefit

The project that has the most clear benefit for Tasmania/Tasmanians.


Eligibility Criteria

No special data set requirements, though this prize will likely go to a project that uses Tasmanian Government open data sets.


Team Name: 
Bin There

BinThere is an iOS application designed to help members of the public find their nearest public bin and is designed to help both members of the general public and council organisations.

Mission: Attrition

Team Name: 
Not Just a Statistic

In Mission Attrition you play as a university lecturer trying to get as many of your students to pass your course as you can.  You are dealt a class of students with different factors that will influence their chances of success.  You have a limited amount of resources which you can assign to individual students to improve their chances of success.  You'll have to judge for yourself which factors are most likely to impact your students' chances and offset them accordingly.

Smarter Training

Team Name: 
Mr Ed

Future proof your worklife

Find and highlight current and future opportunites for work using data drawn from the Australian Taxation Office, the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Industry, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Employment. Looking at current innovation trends and training data to maximise completion rates and job prospects.

Air Bubble

Team Name: 
Team Leo and Sons

Hi, were are Team Leo and Sons and this is our project Air Bubble.


Air Bubble is a way to visualise varying differences in air quality across different locations in Tasmania.


People submit their postcode via the webapp and the area of the closest air monitoring station is shown on the map. The bubble machine then responds with a display of your air quality. More Bubbles means cleaner air and less bubbles means more particulates (less clean air).



Team Name: 
Team Obscurity

Concept: To provide an improvement on the current rainfall map, provided by BOM, that is an easily interpreted visual representation of not only rainfall, but also the impact of the rainfall on the landscape, the potential of flooding and highlight any immediate threats to:


> Roads and bridges

> Walkways

> Businesses

> Residential areas

The system will not only display present coverage, but also utulising predictive modelling, will give an approximate indication of future coverage, and alert residents and businesses to any immediate or future threat or impedance.