Most Commercial Potential

Supported By: 
Tasmanian State Government

Most Commercial Potential

Eligibility Criteria

The project that has the most commercial potential.


Team Name: 
Bin There

BinThere is an iOS application designed to help members of the public find their nearest public bin and is designed to help both members of the general public and council organisations.

Smarter Training

Team Name: 
Mr Ed

Future proof your worklife

Find and highlight current and future opportunites for work using data drawn from the Australian Taxation Office, the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Industry, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Employment. Looking at current innovation trends and training data to maximise completion rates and job prospects.

Team Name: 
My Map of Tasmania

What have we here?

This is a simple, fast, lightweight mapping system. It harvests available datasets from Tasmanian State and Local Government authorities and provides basic viewing and information retrieval.

Whose data?

The map supports GeoServer WMS/WFS and ESRI REST services. If you have one and want to get it in here, get in touch. Currently the map supports data from the following sources:

Team Name: 
Peter Marko

A mobile app to consume councils parking bays geojson and to provide simple mobile payment for parking bay within the time limit set by the council. Not eliminating the existing parking meters solution, nor jobs of the inspectors but extending it on top of it - giving the councils, like Launceston city, a potential to offer additional payment options without the need of upgrading existing parking meters for credit card payments.


Team Name: 
The Conductors

Skoolbus is an app which connects parents with school bus routes.    As lifestyles become busier parents are time poor and looking for ways to save time especially where organisation of children is concerned.    Skoolbus uses Twitter to let you know when the school bus is about to arrive so your children never end up in the Principal's office. 

Skoolbus also uses the weather forecast to suggest afterschool activities in your local area.   You can also opt-in to find Skoolbus bus share arrangement with other local parents.