Design Excellence

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Design Excellence

The project that most excels in design. This might be visual design, user experience, or a combination of the two.

Eligibility Criteria

Must use at least one official datasets


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Bin There

BinThere is an iOS application designed to help members of the public find their nearest public bin and is designed to help both members of the general public and council organisations.

Mission: Attrition

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Not Just a Statistic

In Mission Attrition you play as a university lecturer trying to get as many of your students to pass your course as you can.  You are dealt a class of students with different factors that will influence their chances of success.  You have a limited amount of resources which you can assign to individual students to improve their chances of success.  You'll have to judge for yourself which factors are most likely to impact your students' chances and offset them accordingly.

Powering Australia

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Using a raw data dump from the Australian Business Registry, we have created an artistic representation of the gears of economy, Powering Australia.

It started out as a conceptual image, and grew into an animated web experience.

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My Map of Tasmania

What have we here?

This is a simple, fast, lightweight mapping system. It harvests available datasets from Tasmanian State and Local Government authorities and provides basic viewing and information retrieval.

Whose data?

The map supports GeoServer WMS/WFS and ESRI REST services. If you have one and want to get it in here, get in touch. Currently the map supports data from the following sources:

STEM, Australia

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STEM, Australia

A visual narrative, highlighting the importance of STEM education for Australia's future.

Current and future generations of Australians face a variety of challenges of a magnitude never before faced by humanity.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) skills and education will be crucial to serving humanities ability to overcome what lies ahead.


The application walks the user through a few problems facing Australia, and how they relate to STEM education in Australia’s future.