Storytelling with a Difference

Supported By: 
Department of the Premier and Cabinet

The best entry that uses data to create works of art that tell a story in any form.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use South Australian data discoverable on


Team Name: 
Torange Juice

Greenu is an interactive poster series that enables people from all ages to learn about public gardens, in a fun and active way.

Our Story ~ Your Story

Team Name: 
3 Step Bug

Our Story - Your Story is an interactive choose-your-own-adventure style story coded in html, designed to provide information about a person's local community and bring about a greater understanding of the persons and services within it. It is designed to be a central hub of information presenting data in a relatable and accessible manner, building a sense of community while also opening up discussion and providing information about a variety of social issues and local/online services depending on how the story unfolds.


Team Name: 

QRester is a website designed to educate all ages about the histroical buildings and locations all around South Australia. Users of QRester visit the locations shown on the map and scan corresponding QR codes there to learn more about the history of the place. Printing, sharing and direction to locations functionalities are also apparent, along with a sleek interface, making it user friendly.

Adelography - The Story of Adelaide

Team Name: 
Bob's gang

ADELography is a temporal and spatial interactive story telling tool. Historical datasets help tell the story of Adelaide and South Australia from the beginning of recorded history. We step through time learning about the key events of South Australia, and see the migration of people around the surrounding area of Adelaide.

Through this interactive experience, new and existing residents can gain a deeper historical understanding of our city and thereby strengthen their sense of community and belonging.