Protecting our Environment

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Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources

The best entry that takes environmental protection and climate change seriously.


Eligibility Criteria

Must use South Australian data discoverable on and at least one data set published by DEWNR, available at


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Unleashed Unknown

Mixing and Matching Toxic Wastes - Using various toxic wastes from multiple sources (unrelated firms) in various combinations to neutralize them and maybe generate useful products.


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This app will provide users with places they can fish by area

This app will provide users with places to fish by the type of fish they want to catch

This app will allow users to rate fishing places and comment how good they were

This app will also allow users to add their favourite fishing spots and types of fish to our app

Smart Asset Management

Team Name: 
Yup Yup Labs

This project uses machine learning, big data, 3D mapping and satellite imagery to provide an asset management system to spot infrastructure defects early, help decision makers make better decisions about what materials and vegetation should be installed and provides real-time information about pricing through an open procurement process.

Traffic Jam

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Traffic Jam


**Project Description**


*A Crowd-Based game solution for better traffic light management.*


Gaming develops strong problem-solving skills, and there is a strong evidence base that explains why crowds of humans independently working on a problem will achieve better results than a computer-based algorithm can achieve, using intuition rather than brute force.


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Team Name: 
Bob's gang

Collecting marine and aquatic data is an important part of preserving our marine resources. At the same time it is very important to make the collected data available to interested community members, tourists and related researchers.