Playford - Best Youth Team in location

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City of Playford

Best entry for the location of Playford (Youth)


Eligibility Criteria

Awarded by the location sponsors to the best entry for the location.


Team Name: 

QRester is a website designed to educate all ages about the histroical buildings and locations all around South Australia. Users of QRester visit the locations shown on the map and scan corresponding QR codes there to learn more about the history of the place. Printing, sharing and direction to locations functionalities are also apparent, along with a sleek interface, making it user friendly.


Team Name: 

Tribes is an app that uses Geo-Tagging. This app is based off of the 'Pokemon Go' engine app, but will make walking fun and educational for students that are on the go. Using GPS signals and Mobile Data, data on Aboriginal Information can just be a walk away from your house. This app was used with Significant South Australian Data and datasets from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.