Onkaparinga - Best in location

Supported By: 
City of Onkaparinga

Best entry for the location of Onkaparinga (Adult)


Eligibility Criteria

Awarded by the location sponsors to the best adult entry for the location.


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This app will provide users with places they can fish by area

This app will provide users with places to fish by the type of fish they want to catch

This app will allow users to rate fishing places and comment how good they were

This app will also allow users to add their favourite fishing spots and types of fish to our app


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The app is about safety. wen You find damage you send evidence to the council to stop dangers in the community.

For example if somebody trips over cracked pavement they can then pin-point the location using the location settings on their device and report the problem back to 
council automatically.

The app uses Google maps to alert other users to the current incidents in their area and change their travel course if required.

Explanation of data sets used - local council maps etc.

Geo Spot

Team Name: 
Dunn Street Films


Titled Geo Spot, the application we have proposed is technologically innovative - using a wide variety of local, and state datasets to create an accurate digital map of Australian society. Using this map, we aim to allow people - young and old - to find facilities, create events, and socialise with friends. As a result, Geo Spot is both socially and practically accessible, and can often be found bringing together friends, family, and peers.