Jemsoft Technology Development Prize

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Best entry that would benefit from this prize.


Eligibility Criteria

Awarded by the location sponsors and Jemsoft to the most appropirate entry.Nominate for this category if you would benefit from this prize.


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MySA, is an app that enhances the experience of tourists in South Australia by connecting them to local businesses. It also allows local businesses to promote and market their goods and services directly to tourists thus reducing their customer acquisition costs. It also captures data on tourist movements and locations providing the South Australian Tourism Commission with new data about tourism enabling it to meet its strategic project 2020.


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The Pulse of the City is an interactive pusle map of social media trends to visualise a city’s heartbeat in real time.

The value proposition of our web application is that it can drive a city to thrive by highlighting the trends and events of the city.

Features include:
Real time trend list on the right pane - aggregating and generalising hashtag, geolocations, and analysed images.

List of the cities current events on the left hand side.

Images can be analysed for smiles to give sentiment rating to the events.

Smart Asset Management

Team Name: 
Yup Yup Labs

This project uses machine learning, big data, 3D mapping and satellite imagery to provide an asset management system to spot infrastructure defects early, help decision makers make better decisions about what materials and vegetation should be installed and provides real-time information about pricing through an open procurement process.


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Yup Yup Labs

Developr helps ordinary people become awesome property developers! It's like having your own personal planning consultant in your pocket.


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Bob's gang

Collecting marine and aquatic data is an important part of preserving our marine resources. At the same time it is very important to make the collected data available to interested community members, tourists and related researchers.